Let Your Emotions Lead You To Success!

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successFrom starting billion dollar companies without blinking an eye to setting world records by racing across the Atlantic in a speedboat, he has done it all.

“Customers shouldn’t just think of your business as a place to buy a product or use a service—it should be a fun place to be!” – tweeted Richard Branson!

He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and if there’s one thing that makes him stand out from the others, it is his ‘joie de vivre.’ Could this be the secret to his success?

We’ve been told many a time that enjoying doing what you love doing gives you the ability to do it well. It’s in this “fun” place that you’re “in your element.”  If you’re bored and unhappy, then things are not likely to go so well.

You know your products and services, and people will see through any effort to parrot slogans or broadcast a marketing message. Like everything, if you’re having fun rather than just doing a job, you’re more likely to find success. ~ Richard Branson via ceo.com

This means, if you’re enjoying and having fun, you’re more likely to attract others.

Your Emotions Are Your Success Navigation System 

However, when marketers communicate to customers as thinking machines rather than connecting emotionally with feeling machines, we run the risk to be talking to the wrong part of the brain. We tend to communicate to the rider, not the elephant in the decision-making process. ~ Guy Reason via eConsultancy.com

The information-rich world gives us enormous options, when it comes to making important decisions about our business and life. To see the big picture, we must be able to synthesize lots of information, sense what information is important and come up with possibilities.

All these thinking skills are directed by the right-brain and we can employ them by using our emotional navigation system.  The general ‘rule of thumb’ is not to think from the heart and we are advised as much, especially in a business setting. Our heart and emotions are considered impulsive and a hindrance to our progress.

But emotions can serve us in many ways, especially when making important decisions.  They can be a clear signal to help us differentiate between negative and positive.

successNegative feelings can be interpreted as something in need of correction and feeling good is a sign that all is well. It helps to do this, as you cannot proceed efficiently with negative feelings anyway.

No business or whatever you do for that matter should be a struggle. You have to be in control and do what is necessary to come out of that ‘feeling bad’ situation. Most people go along despite their negative feelings, but this can hamper success.

Doing business with negative feelings haunting you, takes much more effort, and on top of that there’s the possibility that you’ll just turn around and say, “Enough is enough!”

It’s all a matter of where you put your focus!

You Are Exactly Where You Wanted To Be 

But you’re a lit grad with zero interest or expertise in technology. Should you start a tech blog just because it’s the hot thing? Sure if you put in the hours you’ll be able to find enough information on technology to blog about. But achieving blogging success is a long process. ~ Sualgna via shoutmeloud.com

We human beings are complex critters. We have so many desires and aspirations. Where you are right now, is the sum of all your aspirations.

You want something so bad that you can actually taste it, but you either put off doing it or you go about doing it half-heartedly, in ways that is guaranteed to lead you to failure.

There are things you wanted to do desperately, like being successful as an online entrepreneur, but you’re unable to do that. Some people might say that it’s because you didn’t really work hard for it, or that you didn’t want it well enough.

Perhaps they’re right. You’ve been avoiding them so strongly that you couldn’t give your best.

All these situations are perceived through individual interpretation. Making a speech may terrify some, while it proves to be an exhilarating experience to someone else. The situation is the same, but the reaction is different.

Feeling good is a matter of looking at things in a certain way. It’s easy to advice that we have to consciously develop the mindset to enjoy every situation. Yes, it helps make us happier, but is it possible in everything we do?

How can we expect every single person on this earth to feel the same about a single situation or circumstance?

It has nothing to do with willpower. It’s the want power.

Wrong Propaganda  

We are told that “something” can make us wealthy, by people who don’t really care about our happiness. People may not have any interest in that “something,” people join for an opportunity to make money.

Why should we spend our entire lives trying to do something we have no interest in, instead of actually doing something that we enjoy and can put us on the path of success?

This is the brass ring extended by many network and online marketers, just to get people to sign up under them and make them rich, while most people will see almost no return, just because their heart is not in it.

Happiness Comes From Helping Others 

success“The other significant component of happiness is that helping oneself and helping others are intertwined. The more we help others, the happier we become…and the happier we become, the more inclined we are to help others”.  ~ George Foster via Fostermarketing.com

While you should not do something that you’re totally disinterested in, another way of achieving greater happiness and success in what you do is to focus on helping others.

Find a niche of your interest and do your best to provide immense value to your customers. Focus on their happiness first. Your growth may be slow, but it’s sustainable for the long-term, while you create a better world not just for yourself but for others too.

Successful businesses are created by people who understand the importance of healthy relationships with people.

Here’s an old proverb to help you on your way:  “I was unhappy because I had no shoes – until I saw the boy who had no feet”.

Do Something For Long Enough And You Get Better At It  

While it is true that smart work ethic demands that you look at doing things that have more chances of success than following your emotions, this line of thought may not be for everyone. When starting out, it’s easy for people to lose motivation and steer towards disinterest.

The only way to sustain interest is by starting out doing something you’re confident about and something you’re totally interested in. Of course, you’ll have to see if there’s a market for your emotion. If there is, you’ve hit a jackpot. You can have the cake and eat it too.

As you gain experience and grow in confidence, you’ll be able to find a perfect balance between emotions and marketability which will bring continued success.


  1. deepa says:

    Thanks for sharing valuable article. You blog site is very nice. I read so many article this is also a great post.

  2. Hi Andrew. I’m really convinced that our emotions is the most powerful force within us. It is even more powerful than our intellectual mind. Thus, having the right control of emotions is key to being successful.

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