Neuromarketing Is The Fundamental Secret Of Success



Success doesn’t necessarily require long preparation in your field. The first step taken by successful people is rarely the one in which they achieve their ultimate victory. In the ever-changing world of today, we need an additional weapon than knowledge of a particular field or profession. We need the mastery of ourselves and others that is the fundamental secret of success in all fields.

For so many years, people were taught to be “confident,” “Industrious” and “bold.”  It is all very good to teach a marketer to approach the “prospect” with confidence and smartness. But these are not qualities that can be worn or discarded like a jacket on cold winter mornings.  The only way to understand these qualities is to achieve control over your mind and subsequently over other’s minds. Let’s talk about Neuromarketing.

A Short Introduction To Neuromarketing 

Let not the word “neuromarketing” scare you off. What happens when someone tells you that they’re going to cut an extremely sour lemon into half and suck the juice from it?

What is just reading about this doing to you? You may have puckered your mouth and the glands in your mouth are secreting saliva.

An interesting story of a man tells us that he placed a bet with his friend that he could stop a band that was in front of his office from playing music.  He gave lemon halves to a number of street children. He then asked these kids to walk in front of the band, sucking lemons and making puckered faces at the musicians.  The result? The band stopped playing.

Neuromarketing has nothing to do with voodoo or magic. Read on to see how it can help you in your marketing efforts.

Neuromarketing For Online Marketers 

If only you could get your way in your marketing efforts, things would be a lot easier.

You have a blog with a product that is amazingly effective and it’s sure to help people, and you’re excited about it.  How are you going to promote it?

  • Are you going to ask the permission of a popular marketer for guest blogging?
  • Are you going to ask the marketer to promote your product to their list of thousands?

All this takes effort and you can’t be sure if you’ll be successful in your attempts.  The marketers you write to may not respond to your emails or they may straightaway decline your offer.

How about if you can make that marketer gain as much faith in your product, as you yourself have?

Okay, let’s make things more interesting.

How about getting into their mind and controlling it? You can get them to do exactly what you want them to.  Have you seen “Inception,” Christopher Nolan’s film?  Entering people’s dreams and stealing their ideas or planting them.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to enter people’s minds and get them to do things in your favor.  This mind control is called “Neuromarketing” in psychology.

So, How Easy Is Mind Control In Marketing? 


Imagine the same scenario as mentioned earlier and you ask a blogger to have you as a guest blogger or a popular marketer to promote your product, and the responses you receive are all huge, resounding Yes’s.  Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s see how neuromarketing can help.

#1. Make It Easy For People To Say “Yes.”  

The reason so many bloggers don’t respond to emails or they decline the offers is because most emails they receive are vague and not self-explanatory, leaving the job of finding out about the writer/marketer to the blog owner.

Do your really think a popular blogger will have the time to research about you?

Your email should be such that it makes the recipient respond positively.

Hello “ ______”,

I would like the opportunity to guest post about WordPress on your blog and I’m sure your readers will enjoy the post. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


The above email does NOT elicit any positive feelings about the sender, and will not elicit a response.

Usually popular bloggers have their inboxes filled with hundreds of mails. You really have to get into their mind and make an impact in a very short time. I wrote to John Chow who is one of the top bloggers in my niche and he subsequently dedicated an entire post about an e-book I had just written. Aside from the fact that John clearly is a great guy who loves helping others, before I wrote to him, he most likely knew nothing about me and with a website ranking of 6,600 which fars surpasses mine, he must receive huge amounts of such requests every day. So how did I go about it and how do you go about doing the same?

Be very clear about what you’re offering and how they’re going to benefit. Here are some incentives:

  • Build a connection, quickly.
  • Great content for their audience, explain why and give similar examples.
  • Include a couple of links to previously published work.
  • Give them access to your portfolio if you can.

On the other hand, if you’re writing to a customer asking for a testimonial:

  • Send a few examples and ask them to choose/change the one that works for them.

If you want a chance at promoting a top marketer’s product as an affiliate:

  • Create one or two landing pages with their product on those pages.

The idea is to make it easier for them to “yes.” This will happen when you handle all the tasks without leaving all the hard work for them to do. In this day and age, nobody has the time to do things for others.

#2. Show A Sample And Then The Complete Show 

First establish a small presence with the people you’re dealing with, whether it’s a popular blogger for a guest post, a customer for testimonials or a JV partner.  Once you’re successful, strike while the iron is hot.

  • If you’re looking to write a guest post and you receive a response asking for a short blurp on a specific topic as sample, why not write a full draft of the post you intend to use as a guest post, telling them that you got the entire idea down and you’ll polish it once you receive a positive response from them. This tells the marketer how keen you’re on doing a guest post and also it leaves a positive impression, which could – if your post is any good – lead to a yes.
  • If you managed to find yourself a JV partner who is willing to send your email to 1000 subscribers, then ask them if they would do it with their entire list.

Remember, you’re not trying to trick others into doing something for you. All you’re doing is going after opportunities, once you know the other person is receptive to your offer. By asking them for a small chance and then going deeper, you’re likely to achieve a better success rate, rather than asking them for the sky during the first interaction. You’re only giving them a chance to get to know you.

#3.  Ask For One, Give Them Ten 

This means you give much more than you’re asking for.  If you’re asking for an opportunity to guest post, make sure you offer a link from your website/blog first, before your post is published on their blog.  Similarly, if you’ve asked your customers for testimonials, do what it takes to return the favor, perhaps in the form of a small report. If you want people to do things for you, do something for them first if you can.

It’s these acts of delivering before you expect others to deliver that will get you into their minds. They will find it difficult to forget you.

#4. Use Timelines To Get Jobs Done 

Keeping it all open-ended is not going to do the trick. When you ask for something from someone, tell them by when you would need it. Give them a deadline that is real. When you ask for a JV, fix dates and let your list and your JV partner know the dates. Ask customers to give you testimonials by a specific date.  Be very clear about things and let people know that this will work only within the set dates. That doesn’t mean you are rude with others, but you have to be business-like in your dealings.

#5.  Show Confidence In Your Attitude 

One of the most important traits people look for in marketers before entering into a business relationship is confidence. People who are sure about themselves and who know what they’re doing are the kind of people, other marketers trust and remember.

As you can see from the above, neuromarketing doesn’t involve anything magical. It involves making a place for yourself in others minds, so that you get things done to your benefit. Neuromarketing is all about instilling so much confidence in your ability that people would be willing to do anything for you.

Neuromarketing Conclusion 

This is the kind of neuromarketing mind control that will get webmasters to blog about your site or product, tweet about you, comment on your site, link to your pages, offer testimonials and a whole lot more.

This comes from having an unshakable belief in yourself and your offers.  No marketing effort is above people you’re dealing with.  Belief in your offer and belief in yourself are paramount to exercising the kind of mind control that works in marketing and takes you places.

Are you all set to accomplish things that have been evading you until now with the power of neuromarketing?

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